Guy Saves Bald Eagle From Drowning In River

One of the hits on the Internet is also a video where we can watch the rescue of a female eagle when she found herself in trouble.

She couldn't fly out of the water, so the good people on the boat came to her rescue.

The video, which landed on the YouTube network two weeks ago, is already a real hit - to date it has reached more than 3 million views, and many animal lovers have expressed their tribute and respect to the people who most likely saved the eagle from death.

The eagle in the video clip was previously in the company of other eagles that successfully flew out of the water, but unfortunately the female failed to do so. The scenes were filmed in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, which is located on the southeastern coast of the country.

Watch the rescue of a helpless eagle, which would most likely have perished in the water without the help of good people. Well done to all who participated in the rescue.
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