Guy Steals The Keys Of A Shoplifter Until He Pays For The Stolen Item

The employees at the petrol stations also have a lot of work with theft. Many thieves make their work where there are no security cameras, while others do not succeed in doing this.

Theft failed even for a man who stole a beer at a gas station.

At the counter, he certainly thought that the workers didn't see his theft, but this was not the case. When he paid for the purchased things, another worker approached his vehicle and stole his keys.

He only found out about the disappearance of the keys in his vehicle, so he headed back to the store of the gas station.

There the staff member told him that he must pay the stolen goods, otherwise he will not get his keys back. Finally, he confessed the theft, paid for stolen goods, and then asked the seller a bold question: "Can I get my change back?"

He did not get back his change, and his shame will remain on the web forever thanks to the vigilant eyes of the workers!
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