Hippo Attacks Three Lions Trying To Cross "His" River

A video from Botswana, South Africa, has landed on the Internet, showing the strength and determination of a hippopotamus.

This one attacked three adult lions when they crossed the river, and the entire scene was recorded on camera by observers.

The video clip is already a hit on the Internet - to date, it has reached more than 5 million views on the YouTube network alone, and the scene with the lion and the hippo left many animal lovers speechless.

The hippo became aggressive when it noticed three adult lions in its environment. It rushed into the river and confronted the lions right in the water - two managed to cross the river, the third lion escaped to the other side.

Watch the unusual scene where we can follow a group of three lions as they are attacked by an angry hippopotamus. You really don't see a scene like this every day!
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