House Collapses Into Yellowstone River After Flooding

These days, a video has once again made the rounds of the Internet, where we can follow the relentless power of the raging river.

During last year's floods, the rising Yellowstone River swallowed a house, and eyewitnesses captured the entire scene on camera.

The video, which landed on YouTube last year, has already reached more than 100,000 views there. According to local media reports, the Yellowstone River reached its highest flow in June of last year since 1918, when measurements have been taken.

The scene was filmed in the city of Gardiner in the US state of Montana, where local residents were facing extensive flooding. The Yellowstone River first undermined the river bed and destroyed one of the houses on the outskirts. During the floods, one person lost its life and four other were injured.

Watch the terrifying scene from the US state of Montana, when the raging Yellowstone River destroyed one of the houses.
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