How To Sew A Protective Face Mask To Prevent Virus

At the outbreak of an epidemic, it is advisable to use a protective face mask, especially when we go to the store and expose ourselves to other people.

The stock of protective masks is very short, so experts recommend that we also make a cotton mask ourselves.

Many doctors say that we should sew the reusable protective mask ourselves. Bend the dense cotton fabric into three layers, flatten it, sew the edges and sew the cords, which are made from the cotton fabric. Wash the masks at 90 degrees Celsius (194 °F) every day.

"Masks that you can sew can also be made for relatives, neighbors, friends, coworkers - in a few weeks you will be immensely grateful. However, general use is not yet advised - because there are not enough of them! Recent studies have shown that micro-droplets remain in the air for up to four hours in the room where the infected person is, so the infectivity is extremely high. Wear them when in public, wherever people stay," the Slovenian doctor Darko Siuka said.
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