Husky Uses "Cone Of Shame" To Scoop Snow And Throw It At Owner

A few days ago, the web was surrounded by an adorable video in which a playful husky stole all the attention.

Due to a previous procedure, he had a cone around his neck, and while enjoying the snow, he took care of adorable scenes several times.

Many online users and animal lovers were laughed at by the husky in the video with a move when he caught some snow with the help of a cone and then threw it towards the owner and his camera. What the outcome was remains unknown, as the video ends at that point.

To date, the video with the dog has reached almost half a million views on the YouTube network alone, and many online commentators have written that the playful husky brightened their day.

Watch a cute video in which all the attention was stolen by a husky while playing on the snow with the help of a cone around his neck. Will he make you laugh with his exploits too?
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