Kangaroo Shake Hands With Humans After Being Saved

At the end of last year, a video landed online where we can follow the rescue of a kangaroo stuck in the water.

Three men came to his aid, and at the end, the kangaroo won the hearts of many online animal lovers with a sympathetic gesture.

The video from Australia is already a real success online - to date it has reached almost a million views on YouTube alone, and many online commentators are enthusiastic about the move of good people and kangaroo.

The unfortunate kangaroo found himself in water from which he could no longer get on his own. That is why passers-by came to his aid, pulled the kangaroo out of the water, and in the end received a special thank you.

After a successful rescue, they shook hands with the kangaroo, and the scene touched many animal lovers online. Look at the sympathetic response of the animal after good people helped him out of trouble.
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