Kid Gets Caught While Trying To Steal Package From Front Door

A few days ago, a video landed online, which is already a real hit.

A security camera filmed a scene in front of one of the houses when a black boy approached the door and then tried to steal the delivered package.

The video, which landed on the YouTube network a few days ago, is already a real success to this day - it reached more than 100,000 views, and you will also laugh heartily at the scene with the boy.

A black boy was trying to steal a package in front of the house when a security camera detected movement and used a sound message to announce that the entire scene was being filmed. The boy quickly regretted his decision, then apologized several times in front of the camera.

He explained that he was just joking, he even knocked on the door of the house to explain the situation to the owners. Watch the video, which is a real dose of laughter.
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