Lumberjack Runs For His Life As Massive Tree Starts Falling Apart

The profession of a lumberjack is anything but an easy task, and at the same time they are faced with many dangers at work.

How dangerous a lumberjack's work can be is also proven by a video that landed online years ago.

The lumberjack was filmed sawing a very tall tree in the forest, and at the same time he experienced a real horror. The tree soon collapsed under its weight - it was cut in half, and the lumberjack saved his life in the last seconds.

Many wrote in the video that he was definitely looked after by a guardian angel. If the tree would fall on a lumberjack, no one could help him anymore.

Watch a horrifying video in which a lumberjack escapes a tragic fate in the last seconds. Another proof of how dangerous this work can be.
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