Man Ages Over The Course Of 7,777 Days In Stunning Video

The web has been surrounded by a video in recent days in which photographer Michael Notter presented in an interesting way the change of his friend over a period of 7,777 days.

Using software and algorithms, he combined photos from the past and then made a video of a quick overview through a friend's life.

Noah Kalina is the man in the video, who has been photographed several times a week for 21 years. Each photo was then processed by his friend Michael with software, and combined into a very special compilation in which we can follow Noah's aging.

The video has already reached almost 150,000 views on the YouTube network to date, and many users online are enthusiastic about the final result.

Watch a remarkable video in which we can follow a man growing up over a period of 7,777 days. Will the end result impress you too?
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