Man Builds A Cosy Tiny House On The River Bank

A few months ago, a video appeared online showing the construction of a small house on the bank of a river.

The build was done by a man who goes by the Living Wilderness: Crafts and Skills YouTube channel and impressed many with the process.

The video, which the author published on the YouTube network, is already a hit there - on the mentioned network alone, it has reached more than a million views to date, and there is no shortage of praise for the final result among the comments.

Along with the video, the author also wrote that he built the house in a year, and condensed the entire construction into a 40-minute long video. He chose a small stream next to the house as the location, where he also planted grass on the bank. The house offers a wonderful contact with nature and a very special living experience.

Watch an amazing video where we can follow the process of building a small house on the bank of the river. Will the end result impress you too?
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