Man Gets Tested For Covid 19, His Reaction Is Pure Dose Of Laughter

At a time when the world is struggling with a pandemic, many of us are also undergoing testing. At the first signs of infection, it is recommended to be tested in order to prevent further spread in the event of a confirmed infection and thus protect our loved ones and others.

The process of using a swab stick to get a sample makes us feel uncomfortable - many react the way the man in the video in front of you did.

Already last year, the video landed online in which a man at a drive-in point decided to test himself. He filmed the whole event on camera and later posted the video on social media. Many users have written that laughter is not lacking here.

Men in particular are more "soft" than women - they have less patience and tolerance for pain, especially in the case of medical interventions. This was also proved by the author of the video.

He deftly avoided the swab sticks, and the uncomfortable tingling sensation repeatedly forced him to move away his head from the nurse. Take a look at the funny scene that made the wide web laugh in previous months.
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