Man Kicks A Wild Bear And It Stops Minding Its Own Business

Surely we all agree that human nonsense knows no boundaries. This statement is also evidenced by a video clip from Russia, which left many without words in those days.

The author of the clip encountered a bear in the forest, but then he did a great nonsense!

The video captured in the Kamchatka region in the east of Russia shows us the scene, while the author was walking through the forest. He encountered a bear, so he took the mobile phone out of his pocket and began to follow the wild animal. In order to show his courage, he soon approached the bear and then kicked it.

The bear stopped minding its own business, then it quickly gave a lesson to the author that he will remember for his whole life!

Fortunately, the author of the video made it without any injuries, as he escaped from the bear. Another proof that we must respect the nature and life in it!
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