Man Makes A Rainbow Night Lamp Out Of Resin And Wood

A beautiful video landed on the YouTube network last month, in which the author recorded the process of making a rainbow lamp.

In doing so, he used a piece of wood and resin, to which he added a color pigment during manufacture.

The video posted on YouTube by Mr. Zhou from China is already a real hit online. To date, it has reached almost 900,000 views in a month, and praise for making a rainbow night lamp is pouring in from all over the world.

The author of the video first processed a piece of wood, and then, with the help of resin and color pigment, poured various shades of resin into the openings. It took him several days to complete the night lamp, and he faced many obstacles during the work.

Take a look at the wonderful process of making a rainbow night lamp with which a man from China has gone viral on the YouTube these days. Will the end result impress you too?
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