Man Makes A Tent Out Of A Transparent Foil In The Middle Of The Woods

Two months ago, an innovative video appeared on the YouTube network, in which the author showed the process of making a very special tent.

In the middle of the forest, he used transparent foil between the trees, and then made a special tent that gave him shelter while resting.

The man, who goes by the nickname Camping Kelana online, impressed the public with a video. To date, more than 5.5 million Internet users, who are enthusiastic about the production process, have watched his video on YouTube alone.

Along with the video, he wrote that this time he will be camping in a different way - he made a special tent out of transparent foil. He added that he really enjoyed the sound of the rain and sleeping in the tent was very nice and warm.

Watch the very special process in which the author of the video set up a tent made of transparent foil in the forest. Would you sleep in such a tent yourself?
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