Man Puts His Piano In A River To Play "River Flows In You"

Joe Jenkins is a star on the YouTube network who has impressed many followers these days with a very special performance.

He performed the musical hit "River Flows In You" on the piano right in the water, and the recording on his YouTube channel is already a real hit.

The well-known piano track "River Flows In You" is the work of 42-year-old composer and pianist Yiruma, who comes from the city of Seoul in South Korea. He presented the song to the world in 2001, and it immediately became a worldwide hit.

Because the song is about a river, Joe Jenkins placed his piano in a nearby river and then played the hit "River Flows In You" on it. He impressed many with his performance, and the video has already reached almost 400,000 views in a few days.

Listen to the young man's wonderful performance when he played the song "River Flows In You" in the water on the piano, which was originally signed in 2001 by pianist Yiruma from South Korea.
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