Man Smashes Car Window With An Axe To Rescue Dog Trapped Inside

From the county of Berkshire in the south-east of England comes a video from a car park when temperature has risen to 34 degrees Celsius (97 F) these days.

A dog was caught in one of the parked cars, and his life was saved by a brave citizen who acted quickly.

The web was circled by a video in which a man in Berkshire County ran into a trapped dog in a locked vehicle. The atmosphere warmed up quickly that day, and the heat inside the car was unacceptable for the dog.

The man therefore took an axe in his hands and smashed the glass on the driver's side with it, then unlocked the car and rescued the dog.

The man, who acted quickly, was titled a hero online, and police officers arrived at the parking lot soon after the intervention. The dog was taken to a veterinary clinic for examination, and thanks to the intervention of the axe man, he took it away without any serious consequences.

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