Man With The Biggest Hands In The World

Have you ever wondered what a man with the biggest hands in the world looks like?

Last year, a video of a Minnesota man with very large hands circled the web. To be precise, he has the largest palms in the world.

Jeff Dabe from the US state of Minnesota holds the current record in the largest palms in the world - many describe him as Popeye, and the circumference of his forearms measures 19.3 inches (49 centimeters). Thanks to his large palms, he can easily hold a basketball in each hand at the same time.

In the past, Jeff Dabe has competed in the hand-wrestling, and he does not suffer from any deformity or abnormality - he was simply born that way.

Take a look at what the largest hands in the world owned by Jeff Dabe from the US state of Minnesota look like.
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