Massive Explosion In Beirut, Lebanon Leaves Devastation Behind

Horrifying videos are coming from the Lebanese capital.

In the center of Beirut, according to the latest data, several large-scale explosions took place inside the warehouse of pyrotechnic products, at least 100 people lost their lives, and more than 4,000 were injured. Judging by the videos, there are many more victims.

Local media have so far reported that several people were injured in the horrific accident, and many buildings in the city have been badly damaged. The surrounding buildings completely collapsed, and the explosion was also felt more than 200 kilometers away.

Video of the explosion in Lebanon:

Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan told the media that a warehouse in the port where the explosives were stored most likely exploded after the fire.

According to residents of Beirut, several consecutive explosions erupted near the factory and the port, most notably the second described as an explosion compared to a "nuclear bomb."

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