Mclaren Driver Jumping Queue In Traffic Gets Caught By Police

It has been a known fact for a long time that drivers of prestigious cars allow themselves whatever comes to their mind on the roads.

Many such drivers think that the rules do not apply to them - as long as they are not hit by the power of justice!

This was also the case these days when a driver from Australia, with a prestigious Mclaren vehicle, decided to make a foolish move. Along the convoy of standing vehicles, he decided to overtake over the non-driving lane in the tunnel, but his move was noticed by police.

The police officers were sitting in undercover police vehicle, and at the move of the McLaren driver quickly took care of the right. They drove after him, stopped him with a siren and blue lights and finally punished him.

Lesson learned? Look at the scene many drivers witnessed these days as Mclaren whizzed past them in Australia!
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