Neighbors Laughed For 5 Years While They Built A Yacht In The Backyard

One of the hits online is also a video in which we can follow the independent construction of the yacht, which the owners did right in front of the house.

In the video, they wrote that many laughed at them, but in the end, many fell silent when they looked at the yacht.

The video, which the couple Gena and Vita posted on their YouTube channel, is already a real success to date - it has reached more than 17 million views, and many online users are enthusiastic about the process.

The construction of the yacht took five years, and they spent about $30,000 on the material. They practically assembled the yacht with their bare hands, and the end result will no doubt take over for you as well.

See how the construction of the yacht took place in front of the house, which was taken care of by the couple Gena and Vita. Will they impress you too with the procedure?
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