Neighbors Save Older Man From A Vicious Pitbull Attack

A horrific scene captured by a security camera in the US in recent days has landed online.

The older man was attacked by two rabid pitbull dogs, but fortunately the man's life was saved by a brave neighbor.

The 68-year-old man from Texas, who was attacked in the morning by two pitbulls, can thank his neighbors in particular. If they woudln't take action, the older man would most likely be killed by the two dogs.

He suffered severe injuries during the attack, which is why he is being treated in hospital, and without the intervention of two brave neighbors, the horrific experience could have ended in tragedy.

One of the neighbors first scared the dog with garden tool, while the other neighbor came to the rescue with a gun in his hands. He also wounded one of the dogs, as this was the only way he could protect the badly injured neighbor.
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