Orcas Caught Slapping Stingray With Tail

Two years ago, the web was surrounded by a video in which an orca showed its relentless power.

With its tail, it hit the stingray really hard, but according to experts, it was just an innocent game between different species of animals.

The orca or killer whale is the largest species in the dolphin family and is found in all of the world's oceans from cold arctic areas to warm tropical seas. By way of life, it is a predator with a varied diet as it hunts fish, sea turtles, birds, finfish, sharks, manatees and even other whales.

Underwater photographer Jorge Hauser captured an unusual scene when an orca struck hard on stingray with its tail. If there was a diver in stingray's place, it would all end bad. Very bad.

The scene was filmed while diving in the Gulf of California, and the scenes made many people think how dangerous and unpredictable animals orcas can be.
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