Oreo The Goat Slides Down Driveway

One of the hits on the Internet is also a video where we can watch a funny scene with a goat.

The goat encountered problems in the presence of the owner when it walked to the hay bale on the icy road.

The video, which landed on the YouTube network, is already a real hit - to date, it has reached more than 100,000 views on the aforementioned network alone, and many animal lovers laughed heartily at the scene.

The owner filmed her goat in the city of Kelowna, Canada, as it struggled to find fresh hay. Unfortunately, its plans were thwarted by the icy road, which caused the goat to slide all the way to the beginning of the driveway.

Watch a cute video where we can follow the goat that came across an ice trap in its desire for food. Will the scene make you laugh too?
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