Rémi Gaillard Fooled Us With A Hilarious UFO Prank

The web has been circled by a new prank signed by French entertainer Rémi Gaillard.

This time, he dressed up as an alien, and by doing so, he honestly scared many victims of the prank.

A few days ago, news came from France that many inhabitants of the sky had noticed unusual lights, which they associated with the visit of aliens. In fact, it was all Rémi Gaillard's fault for preparing an innovative prank.

He placed an unknown flying object on the road and in various other locations, and then waited for passers-by. An alien soon emerged from the UFO, frightening many observers.

Take a look at a fun prank from France in which Rémi Gaillard in the role of an alien scared many. Will the video make you laugh too?
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