Rottweiler Gets A Tiny Puppy And Has The Most Surprising Reaction

A cute video has gone viral online, where we can watch an adult Rottweiler who got a very special company.

His owners adopted the puppy, and a friendly bond gradually developed between them.

The video clip is already a real hit on the Internet - to date, it has reached almost 3 million views on the YouTube network alone, and judging by the reactions, the scenes have warmed the hearts of many Internet users.

An adult Rottweiler named Dozer was initially afraid of the puppy Daisy, but then they quickly developed a wonderful bond of friendship. They played together, and Dozer even discovered a playful version of himself that he didn't know existed before meeting Daisy.

Watch a cute video where we can follow the development of friendship between an adult dog and a puppy. Will the scenes warm your heart too?
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