SpaceX's Starship Rocket Explodes 4 Minutes After Launch

SpaceX today launched the Starship rocket, which is considered the largest and most powerful rocket in history.

During the test flight, not everything went according to plan - the rocket exploded four minutes after liftoff after two parts of the rocket failed to separate.

The Starship successfully lifted off from the platform in Texas, and four minutes after liftoff the rocket's propulsion part did not separate from the craft. An explosion followed soon after, and the rocket was unmanned during the test flight. Although the Starship rocket is designed for 100 passengers, it would be possible to fly to the Moon and Mars with it.

Before the explosion, the rocket began to spin uncontrollably, then exploded at an altitude of 30 kilometers at a speed of more than 2100 kph. Such a scenario was plausible, and despite the failure, the SpaceX team managed to collect a lot of useful data that will be of great help to them in the future when launching the Starship rocket.

The Starship rocket is 119 meters tall and weighs 5,000 tons. Todey it was the first launch of the mentioned rocket, which unfortunately ended in failure. Watch the moment SpaceX's Starship rocket exploded minutes after liftoff.

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