Stephen Curry Embarrasses Himself After Slipping On Dunk Against Lakers

Even the best players can have some bad moments. This is demonstrated by a video clip from the past NBA match between Warriors and Lakers, when one of the best basketball players in the world, Stephen Curry, took care for a hilarious mistake.

In the counterattack, he ran to the new points, but then accidentally fell down just under the basket.

In the third quarter, the twice-most successful player ran towards the basket, but failed while trying to dunk. He just slipped under the basket, but managed to keep the ball in his possession. Well, only seconds after he completely missed another shot for three points.

The entire Staples Center was laughing at his slip, and also Curry himself laughed at his own unsuccessful action. In the end, Curry and his teammates had more reasons for laughing, as they won the match against Los Angeles Lakers with 130:111.

Stephen Curry's mistake has over 1.3 million views online, and with it he proved that he is only a human.

See what happened to Stephen Curry couple of days ago!
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