Teens Involved In Car Crash That Was Like A Movie Scene

A video from a police vehicle is coming from the US state of Florida, in which we can follow a police chase after teenagers in a stolen vehicle.

The whole incident ended with a movie car accident on the highway, and the video is already a real hit online.

To date, the video of the film accident during the police pursuit of the stolen vehicle has reached more than a million views on the YouTube network alone. A group of teenagers stole an SUV, then caused a car accident while fleeing from police officers.

First, they collided with another vehicle while raging, and the whole drama was followed by a chain collision of other cars. The vehicle, which was stolen by the teenagers, overturned just in front of one of the police vehicles.

The whole incident happened in May, but the Florida Highway Patrol published the video online in the past few days. Watch the movie like ending with a police hunt after runaway teenagers in a stolen vehicle.
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