Tesla Model 3 Crazy Acceleration From 0-164 Mph On A Highway

At the end of last year, a video landed on the YouTube network in which the owner of the Tesla Model 3 recorded the brutal accelerations of his electric vehicle.

The video was taken on the German Autobahn motorway near Flothe, where there are no speed limits.

Designed for electric drive capacity, the Tesla Model 3 has two all-wheel drive engines and features very fast accelerations, long range and fast charging. At the same time, it has as much as 450 horsepower.

How brutal the accelerations of the said electric vehicle are is evidenced by a video posted online by Tesla Model 3 owner Timo Schwarz.

With his Tesla, he showed how fast he reaches a speed of 164 mph (264 kph) on a German highway after starting from zero. No doubt accelerations that take your breath away!
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