The Audition Goes Wrong On BGT 2022

At the last audition of the show Britain's Got Talent 2022, a group of three women, who present themselves in the world of entertainment under the nickname The Dots, also performed.

At first glance, everything went wrong during their performance, but the girls imagined exactly the performance they had made.

The video of their performance is already a real success on YouTube - it has reached more than 800,000 views to date, and many online users have written that the performance is downright hilarious.

During their performance, one of the women did everything wrong, and the other two persistently corrected her. The final outcome made all the judges in the BGT 2022 show laugh.

Take a look at the audition performance in the show Britain's Got Talent 2022, where many viewers laughed at members of The Dots. Will they make you laugh too?
Maurice Lee
2 months ago
NO it didn't go wrong at all you MORON. It is a comedy act. Look up 'comedy' What a pathetically stupid header.
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