The Biggest Bee In The World, Presumed Extinct, Is Found Alive For First Time In 38 Years

With a 6.35 cm (2,5 inches) wingspan, Wallace's giant bee is known as the largest bee on Earth. But experts have been afraid for decades that the bee is already extinct. Wallace's giant bees have not been seen in the wild since 1981.

It was named after the American researcher Alfred Russell Wallace, who discovered a giant species of bees in Indonesia.

In January 2019, a group of researchers from Global Wildlife Conservation began to search for the bee mentioned, and their search was successful.

At first, things did not seem promising, but on the last day, the team noticed an unusual nest about 8 meters from the ground.

Photographer Clay Bolt, who dreamed of finding a bee, then climbed onto the tree to look at the nest from upclose. And there she was: one Wallace's giant bee, a shy female that was as long as Clay's thumb.

Clay named the discovery as "the most remarkable thing he has ever seen". Look at how Wallace's giant bee looks like, which scientists thought it had extinct a long time ago!
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