The Easiest And Most Effective Way To Peel Boiled Eggs

Have you ever wondered what is the easiest way to peel boiled eggs?

Years ago, a video landed online in which a renowned chef presented a simple way to peel boiled eggs the fastest.

Chef David Bench of the well-known American restaurant Lion House Pantry presented the fastest and easiest way to peel boiled eggs. He says that this method has already been used by his grandmother, and peeling eggs is much more fun than with the classic method.

Boiled eggs must first be taken out of boiling water - place them in another container with cold water, wait a few seconds and drain the water. Then just shake the container, reopen the cold water and the boiled eggs will "peel themselves" with just a gentle touch.

Without a doubt one of the easiest and fastest ways to peel boiled eggs, especially in case we need to peel a larger amount. Take a look at a clip of a chef circling the web with his way of peeling boiled eggs.
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