The Netherlands Wins Eurovision 2019 With "Arcade" Song By Duncan Laurence

In Israel's Tel Aviv, two hours after midnight, the results of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest 2019 were known.

This year, the victory goes in the Netherlands, which was predicted by many music experts and bookmaker already before the final. Italy ended second, while Russia was third.

The winner of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest became the Netherlands, which got 492 points in the final. Victory was achieved by the personal confession song "Arcade", performed by 25-year-old Duncan Laurence on the Eurovision stage.

For the Netherlands this is the first win since 1975, while it became the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest five times in the past.

Italy second, Russia third

The second place went to Mahmood for Italy with the song "Soldi", which received 465 points in the final of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest 2019. On the third place Russia ranked with the song "Scream". Sergey Lazarev got 369 points.

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