Time Lapse Video Of Ladybug Life Cycle

Years ago, a wonderful video landed online where we can follow the life cycle of a ladybug.

The author captured the scenes in timelapse technique, and the video has reached more than 5.7 million views on the YouTube network to date.

Ladybugs are a family of beetles, which includes about 5,000 described species of insects living today. These are the most recognizable insects among cuckoos, mainly at the expense of vivid ladybugs, which are widely known to prey on insects that infest cultivated plants.

The female lays eggs in groups of a few dozen and sticks them to the plant. Among them are unfertilized eggs, which are a reserve source of food for larvae. Within a week, the larvae hatch and begin to feed on other smaller insects. The larval stage lasts about two weeks, after which the animal burrows and transforms into an adult animal.

Watch the life cycle of a ladybug in a beautiful video. Will you be thrilled with the scenes yourself?
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