Tiny Elephant Can Barely Walk But Is Already Charging Cars

Half a year ago, a video clip from the Kruger National Park landed on YouTube, where we can watch the courage of a baby elephant.

Even though the tiny elephant was barely walking, it was already showing the anger in the presence of curious tourists, when it repeatedly rushed towards their vehicles.

To date, the video clip has reached tens of thousands of views on the YouTube network, and judging by the reactions, many Internet users are impressed by the scene.

The author of the video said that the baby elephant could barely stand on its own feet, but it was already showing tourists who is the real boss in the said area in the Kruger National Park. The baby elephant will surely brighten your day too with its actions.

Watch a cute video from South Africa where we can follow a baby elephant as it showed its anger at tourists. Will you also be impressed by the courage of the baby elephant?
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