Tourists Capture Insane Avalanche At Kapuche Lake In Nepal

A video taken by tourists while wandering in the mountains of Nepal has landed online in recent days.

An avalanche started from a nearby mountain, and the tourists soon had to flee, as the snow from the mountains also reached the lake next to which they were located.

A group of tourists have witnessed a very large avalanche in recent days, which was triggered from the mountains along Lake Kahpuche at an altitude of 2,546 meters (8,353 ft). The author of the video said that he slept by the lake with their friends, and the next day they witnessed an avalanche.

He added that he first filmed the surroundings when an avalanche was already visible in the background. Luckily, everyone took it away unharmed, and the avalanche even took care for a rainbow over the lake in the end.

Kapuche Glacier Lake is located in the immediate vicinity of the small village of Sikles in Kaski County, and is also considered to be the glacial lake with the lowest altitude. See what a crazy moment hikers witnessed in Nepal.
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