Two Barking Dogs Suddenly Stop When A Fence Is Removed

Dogs are very special creatures that always put us in a good mood.

Such was also the case in a video from Thailand, in which the owner captured two dogs on camera who do not like each other at first sight.

The video, made in Rayong, Thailand, is already a real hit online. Many viewers honestly laughed at the two dogs barking at each other like crazy.

At the same time, they were separated by a fence, and many spectators thought that a fierce fight would break out between the two dogsif there was no fence between them. But when the author of the video opened the fence, their behavior changed in an instant.

The dogs fell silent for a moment, and at first glance they acted like real friends. But when the fence closed back, everything was the old way again. Watch a video from Thailand in which two dogs stole all the attention.
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