Two Guys Help Rescue Dog In Flood Waters While Chained

At the end of 2022, a video from Thailand landed on the Internet, where we can watch the good deed of two friends.

During the extensive floods, they noticed a helpless dog in the water, then immediately jumped into the water to rescue the animal.

The video, which landed on the Internet in the past weeks, is already a real hit on the Internet - it has reached several million views across social networks, and many Internet users are excited about the outcome.

The scenes with the rescue of the dog were filmed in Phatthalung, Thailand. Two men noticed a dog in the water, which could not save itself - it was tied to a tree with a chain, and the owner had more than obviously forgotten about his pet.

Watch the video of the wonderful rescue, where we can watch the happy ending. Once again, congratulations to the two men who certainly saved the dog's life with their selfless intervention.
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