Veterinarian Building Trust With Scared Dog Before Doing His Work

One of the hits online is also a video where we can follow the vet during his work.

When he saw a frightened dog in the office, he first calmed the animal with his patience and love, and the scenes quickly rounded up online.

Video taken by veterinarian Dr. Thomas Hamilton posted on his TikTok profile is already a real sensation - to date, the video has reached more than 10 million views, and the kindness of the vet has touched the hearts of many animal lovers.

Because the dog was very scared, Thomas took a lot of time for him. Carefully and patiently, he tried to gain his trust, and in the end, judging by the scenes, he was more than successful.

Take a look at the touching scene from the veterinary clinic where Dr. Thomas Hamilton calmed the frightened dog in a wonderful way. Will he impress you with his procedure as well?
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