Woman From South Korea Performs A Song On A Handpan

Yuki Koshimoto is a likeable musician from South Korea who publishes numerous musical performances online.

She is a true master of playing the handpan instrument - it is a special instrument that resembles a frying pan.

That Yuki Koshimoto has exceptional talent while playing the said musical instrument has been proven several times online. One of her best performances is a video from 2011, in which she performed the song "New Moon" on the handpan.

Her video has already reached more than 15 million views on the YouTube network alone, and the talent of the young musician is admired by many music lovers from all over the world.

Listen to how Yuki Koshimoto from South Korea showed off her musical talent while performing a song on the handpan. Will she take over you too with her performance?
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