Woodchuck Rescued After Getting Its Head Stuck In Can

These days, the web is surrounded by a video of an unusual rescue, in which a girl came to the woodchuck's aid.

The woodchuck was first rescued from a discarded can, and the scenes during the rescue impressed many online users, judging by the responses.

The video was captured in the city of Ogilvie in the US state of Minnesota, and to date, it has reached more than 400,000 views on YouTube alone. Good people have also impressed many animal lovers online with their actions.

Sylvie Lockwood is the woman in the video who first saw a woodchuck in the meadow when it encountered too much trouble to solve on its own. It stuck its head in the can, and Sylvie came to its aid and after a few minutes freed the animal.

The woodchuck then ran back to freedom, and the rescue was praised by many online commentators. See how a woman rescued a woodchuck when it found itself in big trouble.
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