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Oct 02, 2017 Category: News Author: pantero

Catalonia Firefighters Form Human Shield To Protect Referendum Voters From Riot Police

From many of Catalonia sites, horrible footage of riot police attacks on voters is coming, when they wanted to cast their vote in a referendum of the independence of Catalonia. Authorities repord about more than 800 wounded people, who were injured by the aggressiveness of riot police.

Unofficially Europe boycotts the referendum, while publications are disappearing from social networks.

From one of the voting places in Catalonia, a video is coming, in which firefighters formed a human shield in order to protect referendum voters from aggressive police officers. Even though every human being on the planet should respect the firefighters, it's not so obvious in Spain. Police officers attacked them and charged them with force.

Humans around the world praise and support Catalonia firefighters. Let's share this to let everyone see how they deal with firefighters in Spain!


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