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Sep 26, 2017 Category: Music Author: kaja

Man Hits Record To Sing 'Somebody To Love.' His Haunting Rendition Has The Internet In Chills

Musical artists have a powerful way of shaping us as human beings, and Marc Martel made that very clear singing a Queen classic. In a day and age where music is almost always within reaching distance, whether through our phones, television, radio and so much more, we have the choice of who we want to listen to and when we want to listen to it. Marc picked up on the way Freddie Mercury delivered one of his greatest hits of all time and began to practice it for himself.

Freddie Mercury not only had a way of influencing Marc Martel's voice, but also triggered a talent within him as his own artist. We can only imagine the way Marc must have sang along to this Queen classic, and eventually began performing it. The result of doing so has had a powerful impact across the internet. One day he had the courage to introduce himself and record his own version.


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