1000 Musicians Perform Queen's Hit Together With Visitors

Unfortunately, the current situation has not allowed us to perform and visit concerts for more than a year, but we can at least remember such moments.

One of the best shows for visitors was staged by 1,000 musicians in 2019 during the Rockin' 1000 concert.

A group of more than 1000 gathered musicians staged a real spectacle at the Stade De France in Paris, when they played and sang a world-famous hit with the help of visitors. The video from the Rockin' 1000 concert is already a real hit online.

The musicians wowed visitors and many online users by singing the hit song 'We Will Rock You', which was presented to the world by the legendary Queens in 1977.

The performance from years ago is a real treat for all music lovers, and you will undoubtedly enjoy the video yourself. Take a look at what kind of show they put on in Paris in 2019.
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