11-Year-Old Earns Standing Ovation Singing "I Will Always Love You"

Years ago, a video appeared on the Internet in which we can watch the extraordinary performance of the 11-year-old girl Serena Rigacci.

She presented herself in the Italian version of the show Next Star by singing the song that is most famously performed by the singer Whitney Houston.

The video clip of the extraordinary audition performance is already a hit on the Internet - it has reached almost 10 million views on YouTube alone, and many Internet users are enthusiastic about the girl's performance.

Years ago, Serena Rigacci appeared in the mentioned Italian show, when she presented herself at the audition by singing the song "I Will Always Love You". It was originally sung by Dolly Parton in 1973, but in 1992 Whitney Houston provided an exceptional cover.

Listen to the incredible singing performance of just 11-year-old Serena Rigacci singing "I Will Always Love You" on the Italian show Next Star.
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