13-Year-Old Sings Tate McRae's "You Broke Me First" On The Voice

In the popular singing show The Voice, where contestants over the age of 13 can perform, a very special girl stole a lot of attention these days.

Hailey Mia introduced herself by singing a hit, signed by young singer Tate McRae.

Judges on The Voice at first did not believe that barely 13-year-old girl Hailey Mia has such remarkable voice and singing talent. She impressed all the judges with her performance, some of them even announced her final victory.

She introduced herself on the show by singing the song "You Broke Me First," which is originally signed by barely 18-year-old singer Tate McRae.

Listen to the beautiful performance of a 13-year-old girl named Hailey Mia, who has shone in the singing show The Voice in recent days. Will she impress you with her performance?
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