17-Year-Old Sings Using Sign Language For Her Deaf Parents, Earns Golden Buzzer

17-year-old Martina, who impressed the judges with her singing performance, also presented herself at the last audition of the Spanish talent.

Her performance was something special, because due to her deaf parents, she also used sign language while singing, which touched many people in the hall.

Martina presented herself in the show Spain's Got Talent 2022 by singing a French hit, and during the performance she "sang" the lyrics of the song with her hands. All with the reason that her deaf parents would also feel her during the performance.

Sign language is a means of communication for deaf people and their only means of communication, based on the use of hands, facial expressions, eyes, lips and body movements.

In the end, all the judges together with the host awarded her with a Golden Buzzer, which takes her straight to the semi-finals of the show. Will 17-year-old Martina impress you with her wonderful singing performance?
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