20-Year-Old Dog Ends In Shelter, Has Baffled Vets With His Will To Live

Months ago, a wonderful video was circulated online, where we can follow the life story of a 20-year-old dog.

Due to his age, he was adopted in one of the shelters, where the dog found loving caretakers and many animal friends.

The dog named Elephant spent 18 years of life with his previous owners, then fell ill. In order to save him suffering, they decided to euthanize him, but the veterinarians were convinced that the dog still wanted to live.

GeoBeats Animals, YouTube
He was taken to one of the Canadian shelters, where he was given only three weeks to live. Elephant the dog beat all predictions - it's his second year now in the shelter, where he is surrounded by good people. He gets along well with other animals, and during this time many of his medical problems were eliminated.

Take a look at a cute video about a dog who, despite his enviable age, continues to live and brightens the day of many around him.
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