23-Year-Old Marries The Love Of Her Life After Finding Out She Has Terminal Cancer

The web was recently circulated by the heartbreaking story of 23-year-old Ashleigh Simrajh from Australia, who was diagnosed with a severe form of cancer.

It spread throughout the body and treatment was no longer possible. It was just a few more weeks of life infront of Ashleigh.

Her great desire was to marry the love of her life during this time. Her strength was already running out, and she was brought to the altar in a wheelchair.

Despite her illness, she promised herself eternal fidelity to her fiancé Jason Hale, and there was no shortage of moving scenes at the wedding. Many cried, and tears overcame the groom as well.

The story of 23-year-old Ashleigh has touched many online, and when you see scenes from the church, your heart will cry too. Look at what their wedding ceremony looked like.
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